Nutrition and You.

Nutrition is a key part of Fitness , On one of  Alan’s Nutrition programs he will guide you through what your body needs , and when , contact Alan for more details, or sign up for our newsletter and receive our free E Book to get you started , enrolling on one of our Nutrition or Fitness programs will take you on a journey to become the best version of you .

My nutrition coaching plans are tailored to an individual goals they can be purchased individually or as part of a 4 8 10 or 12 week package.

Our eating habits directly determine our health

In our busy schedules and fast lives, we often end up eating as per convenience, rather than what is healthy. Many a
times, we eat to please our taste buds, but remain quite unaware about the health hazards that this type of eating habit
might pose. In a bid to lose weight, we also end up cutting out a few essential ingredients from our diet. This, instead of
making us healthier, does the exact opposite. Every element is needed for your body, whether it is vitamins, minerals,
proteins, carbohydrates, fibers or even fat (although choose the healthy ones). Each of these nutrients has their own
individual roles to play in the physical and mental development.

BMI Calculator

BMI weight ranges

  • Less than 18.5 = Underweight
  • Between 18.5 – 24.9 = Healthy Weight
  • Between 25 – 29.9 = Overweight
  • Over 30 = Obese

Your BMI is